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In remembrance of Lucee Blue


Unfortunately Lucee, our true blue companion, passed away early this last November 2014 from a heart condition. Words cannot express our loss. Not only did Lucee guard our shop and travel with us everywhere, but she helped make friends of many, building a true following of people who we know will miss her as much as we do.


We give thanks to all the well-wishers. And thank you Lucee for making our life better while you were with us. You will live on forever in our hearts.





By: Payton & Morgan McLaughlin



Dear Lucy - we love you with all our hearts

We never met a dog quite so smart!


We will miss taking you for a walk

Sometimes we thought you could even talk!


Sometimes we gave you too many treats

Which made you a little large in the seat


Thanks for being our pillow

Now you are with the wind and the willows


Oh Lucy you were the best

You were always the perfect guest


We know you are watching from above

And you will never forget our love.



Lucee traveled with Keith and Susan to most of our quilt shows and diligently guarded the shop when not on the road.

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